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Vintage Little Red Heart Sheet Set

Vintage Little Red Heart Sheet Set

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Elevate your bedroom's charm with our Vintage Little Red Hearts Print Aesthetic Bedding Set. Crafted with love from 100% polyester, it adds timeless elegance, perfect for cottagecore and coquette aesthetics. Embrace nostalgia, transform your space, and create a tranquil haven that reflects your unique style and personality. It's where you can truly relax and unwind in style.

For the Twin 4pcs set, crafted from microfiber, you'll receive:

  • Duvet Cover: 150cm x 200cm / 59" x 78" *1pc
  • Bedsheet: 200cm x 230cm / 79" x 90" *1pc
  • Pillowcase: 48cm x 74cm / 19" x 29" *2pcs

The Full 4pcs set, also in microfiber, offers:

  • Duvet Cover: 180cm x 220cm / 71" x 87" *1pc
  • Bedsheet: 230cm x 230cm / 91" x 91" *1pc
  • Pillowcase: 48cm x 74cm / 19" x 29" *2pcs

And our Queen 4pcs set, available in 100% Cotton or microfiber, includes:

  • Duvet Cover: 200cm x 230cm / 78" x 90" *1pc
  • Bedsheet: 245cm x 230cm / 98" x 90" *1pc
  • Pillowcase: 48cm x 74cm / 19" x 29" *2pcs

Care notes

Show your bedding some love by giving it a gentle first wash before use. Remember, it's the little acts of care that matter. Use ordinary washers and dryers, and choose cold water with like colors to keep your bedding feeling its best. Finish with a low-heat tumble dry for long-lasting comfort.
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